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Dry Rot Repair

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Dry Rot is a type of wood decay that is caused by a particular fungus. If left untreated, dry rot can permanently damage your wood. The earlier that dry rot is caught, the easier it is to treat and the more able we are to protect your wood. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert contractors if you have noticed any signs of dry rot in your wood, mortar, or plaster. We will be happy to help and will assess and provide a specially chosen treatment designed for the issue that you are facing. Choose Sonoma County Construction if you are looking for wood rot repair or replacement.

Dry Rot

Identifying dry rot can be difficult when you are unsure of what you are looking for. Luckily for you, our experts have worked with dry rot over many years and will help you to spot the earliest signs of it. You should be particularly wary of dry rot in any areas of your property that are damp as dry rot is worsened by moisture. Dry rot is most commonly found in wood but can also occur on surfaces such as plaster and mortar. Severe cases of dry rot can eventually lead to irreversible damage and more major repairs or replacements being needed.

Dry Rot Repair

You should contact Sonoma County Construction for assistance if you are having problems with dry rot. We offer the best dry rot repair services in the county and will provide you with the fast and efficient care that you need to restore your wood, plaster, or mortar to its optimum condition. Enjoy stress-free and competent services when you choose our contractors to repair wood rot in your property. We will assess the damage and will provide you with the care and repair services that are ideally suited to your property and the damage that you are currently facing.

Replacing Damaged Wood

In more severe cases of dry rot, it may be necessary to remove and replace areas of wood damaged by water or by dry rot. Speak to our specialists to find out more about how we can help you. We will assist you in deciding whether repair or replacement is the best solution for the water or dry rot damage in your wood. Our team will quickly and carefully inspect your wood so that they can help you to know how best to deal with the damage. We have strong top-quality wood ready to be used to replace your damaged wood if necessary.

Fast and Affordable Services

Choose Sonoma County Construction if you are in need of fast and affordable dry rot services. We will repair or replace your wood as is needed and will help you to get the best results for your home. You will be sure to find a time that suits your busy life with our flexible scheduling abilities and friendly staff. We have been treating dry rot in wood, plaster, and mortar for many years and can provide you with the professional care that you require. You can rely on us from start to finish as we provide dry rot inspections, treatment, repair, and wood replacement.